Creamy Fish Chowder

Following the trend of wanting to eat more fish, I bring you a fish chowder. I can’t say that this is exactly healthy given all the cream, butter, and bacon fat but it has fish in it. So it makes it okay, right?  You can read the recipe here

Overall, this was a pretty good recipe. I only had a few minor tweaks but I do have some comments overall. 

The changes were that I had less fish than it called for which wasn’t on purpose. I didn’t pay attention to the package size of what I bought (12 ounces) versus what it called for (1.5 pounds or 24 ounces). So there was half as much fish. It wasn’t bad but it did make there be a lot of extra liquid compared to everything else. It meant scooping out the good stuff into the bowl and then adding some liquid. Speaking of the fish, I used cod loins which were larger (thicker) pieces that were more rounded rather than a flat fillet. I liked that better for getting a piece of fish in a spoonful of this chowder. 

Speaking of the liquid, I ended up using chicken broth in place of the fish/clam broth as I couldn’t find any. I think it worked fine but I was disappointed overall that the liquid seemed to separate (see picture). It was not a nice cohesive broth. 

But it tasted good and using some oyster crackers helped with the liquid. Despite the fact that this was a fish dish, which the girls always say they don’t like, they both ate it. The frackers helped with that as well. 

It never said when to add the bacon back in to the recipe so I added it when I put the cream in. Oh and I used a half tablespoon of dried, ground thyme rather than fresh. 

This recipe took about an hour and a half to make, starting with chopping the ingredients prior to starting cooking the bacon (step one) and finishing when it had come back to a simmer after the cream was added. Not bad, but there is a need to recognize that this isn’t a quick recipe. 

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