Confetti Tilapia Packets

Making this was a bit of a whim as I was paging through the August/September 2010 issue of Taste of Home Simple & Delicious looking for what other recipes I wanted to try. I say “a whim” as i realized that I had all the ingredients for this recipe. I found it online, so you can read it here

Now, I did end up making a few changes. Some where intentional and some where accidental. As usual. This recipe calls for four 4 ounce pieces of fish. The tilapia we had in the freezer was individually frozen and a pieces that were a little smaller than that. Since it works out to be a pound of fish, I weighed it out. That gave me six pieces of fish so I opted to make three packets, each with two pieces of fish. When putting the fish on the foil, I overlapped the thinner parts. 

For the the rest, the green peppers and tomatoes were out of our garden. I used the two smaller green peppers we had left along with two smaller tomatoes. I also used a banana pepper. You can’t really see it, but it had turned red while ripening.  I purposely skipped the green onions as we didn’t have any. And then I accidentally skipped the celery. We had it, I just had a mental lapse. 

For the bacon, I think I used a little more than it called for. I had been saving some for another recipe and simply used it up. But hey, more bacon is just fine. I spooned the mixture as evenly as possible across the three packets, trying to drain some liquid if possible. I then sprinkled the lemon juice on it. 

I used the gas side of my grill and lit two of the three burners. I turned the flames down but I would up with a grill that was between 300 and 400 degrees. I left the packets for about 15 minutes (maybe a little less). I felt confident the fish would cook given the size of the pieces. Plus the grill was maybe a little hotter than it needed to be. I was actually more concerned about it burning than not cooking. Thankfully nothing got burnt and it cooked nicely. 

I paired this with plain white rice. I poured all the juices on the plate from the packet as the rice would help soak it up. This was really good. Again, I hate to say “better than expected” but it was really good. I would definitely recommend this. 

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