Dark Chocolate Waffles

Yes, this is a little removed from some recent breakfasts that were a tad bit healthier. But, I try to live by the idea that you can do anything in moderation. And it is nice to be a little indulgent every so often. So, enter dark chocolate waffles. You can read the recipe here but I want to make two notes right away you may (or may not) be thinking about. 

First, these are actual waffles. I had someone ask me if I used a brownie mix to make them. And no, I didn’t. These are waffles with chocolate added. If I made “waffles” with a brownie mix it would be more of making a brownie in the shape of a waffle. These have buttermilk, eggs, egg whites, etc.

Second, despite the name there isn’t any dark chocolate in them. It’s regular cocoa powder and some bittersweet chocolate. Which maybe constitutes dark chocolate but it wasn’t presented as such. 

Now, overall, these were not bad but it was a little heavy on the chocolate. Both girls felt the same way. One agreed when I asked it it was “good, but not great” and the other told me several times that there was “too much chocolate”. And I have to agree with that. Maybe not on the top much chocolate side but definitely the good not great side. 

As I made mention of before, the chocolate comes from a half cup of regular cocoa powder and then the inclusion of finely chopped bittersweet chocolate (at least 70%). Specifically, 6 ounces of it. I had put it on the grocery list when I remembered that I had some chocolate baking bars at home and thought that I should use those. It worked and didn’t work. It worked from the standpoint of being sort of what they wanted. But, it was 100% which made me feel like it was a bit too much. And, I needed 6 ounces and I only had 3.28 (I weighed it). Turns out the package only holds 4 ounces and it was already opened. 

It does make me wonder what they would have been like if there had been as much chocolate as it called for. Or if they were around 70% instead. I do think that adding the extra chocolate “makes” it but I think you could definitely cut back the amount and or substitute it. Why not use some mini chocolate chips?  

Overall, good but not great. I had planned to cut the recipe in half as I didn’t want a ton of leftovers (especially if they were not a hit) but it would have been hard to divide three eggs in half. I’ve tried it before, weighing it out and it doesn’t work the best. So we will just eat these slowly over the next week or so. Everything in moderation right?  

Oh, and I got approximately 12 squares. My waffle iron is a larger four square one that is pretty deep. My first batch was a little small, the second on point and the third had three on point and the scraps for the fourth to make a tiny one. Had I been on point with the first batch I wouldn’t have had any left to make a tiny one and maybe even one less. 

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