Bratwurst Hash

Despite having a plethora of recipes saved in various places, I recently “went back” to my stack of in-read cooking magazines to find some more recipes. Now that we are well into the swing of things with school, after school activities, and the like I needed to find some recipes that are quick and/or easy. Not that what I have saved is difficult, but sometimes you need something simple to throw together. The magazine I grabbed turned out to be the August/September 2010 issue of Taste of Home Simple & Delicious. Can’t say where I got if from, especially since it was 6 years old but it had the type of recipes I was looking for. 

This recipe caught my eye because of the brats. Who does like a brat? Plus it seemed quick. I found the recipe online and you can read it here. The ingredients are the same but the instructions are slightly different. The magazine has a much longer cook time (12-15 minutes) than the one on the website. 

I of course, made a few tweaks. I had actually planned on prepping everything (cutting everything up) last night to make the next night.  However, but when I was looking at the frozen potatoes I found a bag (28 ounce) of diced potatoes with onions AND peppers. It may not be quite the same but having peppers (red and green) in the potatoes saved me from chopping up them myself. So the bag of potatoes was larger than called for but I “let that go” as it had peppers in it. I figured it sort of equaled out. I also used five brats as five come in a package and I didn’t want one just laying around. I also was a bit more liberal with the seasoned salt, mostly because I had more ingredients. 

This was a lot to have in my 9″ cast iron skillet but it worked. I did have to cook it longer than called for – 20 minutes – to get all the potatoes cooked. If I had a larger pan, it might have gone quicker. The potatoes never really browned up and really just got super soft and kind of mushy. But that was okay. It still tasted good. 

Overall, this was good. It felt a little like I was eating breakfast for dinner but the bratwurst brought me back. You could definitely change out the meat and have this for breakfast. 

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