Sour Cream Peach Pie

Once again I’ve found a peach pie recipe and got sucked into making it. Which is fine by me. Check out the recipe here

This was an interesting pie given that it is both a fruit and custard pie. It turned out pretty well although I made one mistake and it maybe wasn’t fully baked when I took it out. It was a little runny when I cut into it. 

The mistake was that there is a whole cup of sugar in the custard instead of 3/4 of one. I mistakenly used the 1/3 measuring cup (not the 1/4 cup) and did it three times. Not sure what that did exactly other than adding more sugar. And I guess maybe there was a little bit more vanilla than it called for as I didn’t measure that and probably poured a tad bit more in than needed. 

For the peaches, I used a bag of 5 cups sliced peaches that we had frozen earlier in the year. They were mostly thawed when I put them in the crust. I did have to stir it a bit to make sure the custard was getting down to the bottom and not just sitting on the top. 

Once again, using the frozen peaches led to a slight dilemma of pouring all the liquid in or not. I did as it always seems like if I don’t, then there is an issue. But, putting it in sometimes makes me think that it is causing the pie to be runny. 

This time I’m not sure of the liquid caused it to be runny or if it was the custard. Or if the liquid caused the custard to be runny. Speaking of the custard, I did bake it for the full 30 minutes the second time as the custard did not seem set after 20 minutes. 

One last note – the topping was good but not really “crumbly”. I think that it was due to using melted butter over a cold butter (or just non-melted butter). But it still tasted good. 

Oh, and one last, last note – I have to be honest and say that I used a premade crust. Quite honestly it was much quicker to do that. The crust seemed to turn out fine. I’m still interested in doing a “pre-bake” of the crust but I didn’t do that this time. 

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