Soy and Sesame Beef Short Ribs

Okay, quick confession time. As nice as that picture looks, these didn’t really turn out. It was a lesson, or maybe a reminder, as to why I shouldn’t try to grill short ribs. At least not over direct heat. Before I get into all that, here is a link to the recipe. 

When you look at the picture, at least half of what you see is fat or bone. While they are very thick, the amount of meat is pretty small. Now, maybe if they were cut differently I would of had this issue but the two pieces of rib I pulled out of the package were cut so that the pieces of bone were very small. Like two inches. Usually when you think of a rib, you think of a nice long bone with meat on one side. But anyway. 

So part of the issue was that with all the fat on these, I came back out to my (gas) grill (which had been turned to a lower heat) to a massive “fire”. So some had a nice layer of crispyness on one side. Plus, while I cooked them longer than stated in the recipe, I still cut into them and had a raw center. Not medium rare but rare. In fact, I think one of them mooed at me. 

At that point I cut off most of the fat and put them back on the grill. I was running short on time so in the end a few were medium rare or still rare but were edible from my perspective. 

Now, I understand that some of these issues can be attributed to my own errors rather than a problem with the recipe but I will say that the cooking times are off. Or at least the cooking times are for a piece of meat that is significantly smaller than what I had. But all my experiences with short ribs is that they are pretty big pieces of meat. 

From a taste perspective, they were okay but I think the flavor of the marinade was lost with all the other issues. If you want to try this, go for it. I think it has merit but I need to remember to go back to cooking short ribs in the crockpot. Or with indirect heat. 

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