Baked Flounder with Browned Butter and Mango Quinoa 

The purpose of this post is the quinoa. Since I was pairing it with the fish, I felt that I should include it. I won’t say much about the fish. In fact, it was pretty underwhelming. Maybe it was my choice of cooking (browned some butter and baked the fish with the butter) but I didn’t want to compete with the flavors of the quinoa. Anyway, the recipe for the quinoa can be found here.

In short, the quinoa was good but I very much agree with the comments in the recipe that it needs more. More of pretty much everything, or at least the mango, onion, and maybe even jalapeño. I felt like I added a little more mango than it called for but it definitely needed more. There is just so much of the quinoa that there are times when you just get a bite of that. The other option, I suppose is to cut back on the amount of quinoa in the recipe. There was plenty for the four of us plus leftovers.

Also, the recipe calls this a “quinoa with Thai flavors” but I’m just referring to it as a mango quinoa as the dominant other ingredient seemed to be the mango. But that’s personal preference. I’d recommend this but definitely increase some of the other ingredients.

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