Strawberry Cream Paletas

For the longest time I’ve wanted to make my own popsicles. It’s one of the few things I recall from my childhood of being made. But, I was lazy and never went and bought any molds. One day we were in Ikea and there were a bunch of molds sitting there as an “impulse” buy by the checkout of course I grabbed some. It took a little while for me to find a recipe I wanted to make but came across this one. And yes, I realize I don’t need a “recipe” per se but can simply fill them with juice or lemonade or whatever. But that is not quite making a popsicle. 

Overall, these turned out well. I did think that there was more strawberry flavor at the base rather than the tip. Almost like it separated a little bit. But no one else commented on it. I made these in the Magic Bullet. It was just a little too much to fill up the container so I had to pour a few in the molds and then add the last few strawberries. In the end, I had more mix than I had molds. I’m not sure if my molds are 3 ounces like it says they used but I have extra. That has been in the fridge and now that we have eaten a few, I’m going to use it to make more. 

If your interested in making your own popsicles, this is a good recipe to try. 

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