Cilantro Lime Shrimp

One thing with this desire to eat a little more healthy is the fact that we should probably eat more fish. And yes, I know that shrimp isn’t fish, but bear with me. I had this recipe saved before vacation and it seemed appropriate to make after we got back. You can read the recipe here, although it is an article that talks about how to cook without recipes. 

While I like following recipes, there is almost always something I change for one reason or another. This article, and the column in general, is nice as it seems to almost encourage a change or adjustment. Which means I did make an adjustment. 

The main thing I did was leave out the pepper. In looking at the store, they didn’t have the specific one called for so I decided I would substitute with a banana pepper we had at home, assuming there were still some growing in the garden. Once at home making this, I opted to not bother to check and just left it out. I did choose to chop the garlic instead of grating it. And, it calls for a “light” beer and suggests Corona or Pacifico. Both good choices for a seafood dish. I didn’t have either of those and used an American Wheat Ale as it was the closest thing I had in the fridge to a light beer. Specifically, it was Akari Shogun from Half Acre. It worked well. 

The timing for each step worked pretty well also. I did shorten the time on the onion as it was starting to brown. Oh, and I used a teaspoon of cumin and a little bit of salt and pepper. It doesn’t specifically say how much of each to use, just “to taste”. The cilantro flavor was present but not overpowering which was nice. I like cilantro but I know others don’t so it was nice to be able to use it without it being in your face. 

Overall, this was a pretty decent dish. I probably let the shrimp cook a little too long as some were a tad bit rubbery but that was operator error. The youngest (6) complained mightily about not liking shrimp until she actually tried it. Then she said she liked it. That’s a success right there. The oldest was under the weather so I didn’t make her eat it. But I’m sure she would have complained as well. 

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