Apple Crisp

I have made a few apple crisp recipes over the years but after reviewing them, I elected to search for another one. There wasn’t anything wrong with those recipes but in re-reading it, there was no “wow”. And, to be honest, I wanted to see if Alton Brown had a recipe. I didn’t find one from him but this one is from the Food Network. 

This recipe was really good. Not sure that I can say “wow” but I had to work hard to limit myself to only one piece. This will be made again. 

I did make a a couple of small tweaks. First, I pulled out a bag of apples from the freezer to use. That bag had 5 cups in it which may or may not equal the 6 apples it called for. And second, I baked it in an 8x11x2 pan. Not sure how that measures up to a 2 quart dish but I think it was smaller. But, it was the perfect size. The apples, and more importantly the topping, fit very well in the dish. I got really good coverage with the topping. 

I baked it for the 45 minutes it called for. In looking at it, the middle looked a little “jiggly” (not quite done) so I put it in for another 5 minutes. It looked better after that but I opted to turn the broiler on (on low) for a few minutes to make sure the top was nice and done (and crisp). I left the door open while doing that so I could keep an eye on it. Worked pretty well in my opinion. 

I definitely recommend this recipe. 

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