Easy Peach Smoothie

As I think I’ve mentioned before, I keep telling myself that I’m going to eat healthier or at least take some additional steps. Part of that is trying to be better about breakfast. Both in eating breakfast (I’m inclined to skip it most days) and make sure that what I’m eating is pretty darn healthy. Enter smoothies. I’m working to find various smoothie recipes until I’m feeling better about the general makeup of them to just start making my own. And not that it really matters, but I tend to split the smoothie recipe with my wife which (in my mind) furthers the idea that I’m doing good with breakfast. Since we have a bag of peaches we froze individually, for this purpose, I looked for another peach one. This recipe is what I settled on this time.

Overall, this turned out well although I had some issues. Those issues were 100% operator error. Did you know you can overfill a Magic Bullet?  I learned that. It became apparent pretty quickly that the recipe was going to be pretty tight in the container as the peaches filled most of it up. I had to be strategic in layering ingredients to get it all to fit. Then I decided it would be a good idea to ADD a scoop of protein powder which added to the mess as I really crammed stuff in there. I had take it apart a couple of times and make sure the stuff on the bottom (which became the top when blending) came unstuck and actually mixed in. So, lesson learned there.

I did make a few adjustments. As mentioned I added a scoop of protein powder (vanilla). I used plain Greek yogurt and went with unsweetened almond milk. I forgot to add the sugar but that was okay. It was sweet enough without it. Plus leaving it out made it a tiny bit more healthy.

I’ll make this again but will work it so I don’t cram the bullet full.

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