Shredded Chicken Tacos (Tinga de Pollo)

As I’ve said before, when it comes to making things like tacos, I’m something of a pushover. Which meant when I got an email recently that included several different tacos recipes, I saved every single one of them. This was the first of that list that I decided to make. You can read the recipe here

These were really good. A much different “taco” flavor (I’m looking at you cinnamon) but still really good. I did make a few tweaks. One was that I skipped the chiles and adobo completely. If you’ve read any other posts you’ll know that while I like spicy foods,mother rest of the family doesn’t. Which means more often than not, I’m adjusting the spice to be less. The other thing I did was to use 14 ounces of fresh tomatoes. We still have a decent amount coming out of our garden and I felt it more prudent to use those up than to buy a can. Even if it changed the recipe a bit. 

For toppings I skipped the cheese they called for in favor of a tiny bit of “regular” shredded taco cheese. I also left off the cilantro and extra lime. Those decisions were based on simplicity and not wanting to waste ingredients than anything else. While I,am huge fan of cilantro, others are not and I felt like I would just be throwing away some cilantro later. Oh and I used flour tortillas. 

The only “trouble” I had was after placing the (hot!) liquid in the blender and covering it and holding the lid in place, it still managed to spray out all over the counter, walls, me, etc. Maybe I should have started it on low……

Anyway, this was a great recipe and one I would definitely recommend. I made it on a weeknight. Yes, it still took an hour or so but it was made on a night where we didn’t have anything else going on so it worked out. 

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