Salami and Pickle Grilled Cheese

This became something I had to try because of the sheer uniqueness of the recipe (from my perspective). Salami and pickles, on a grilled cheese, sounded good yet one of those that leaves you kind of scratching your head. You can read the recipe here

In the end, there isn’t much to the recipe. Pick a suggested cheese (I used Swiss) and some salami (not sure the brand I got), throw some pickles on it and off you go. I did use two slices of Swiss per side which may have been too much (waiting for it to melt while not burning the bread) but I wanted some extra cheese. I used the marbled rye bread I had just made (see previous post) and it worked out well. If nothing else, I like the light/dark contrast on the finished product. 

This was a good sandwich. After making it, it occurred to me that it wasn’t much different than a regular sandwhich. In fact, the next day I made the same sandwich but put mayo on the inside and didn’t grill it. That worked pretty well too. Short version? I’d recommend it. 

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