Iced Matcha Latte

This recipe was saved as I have his container of matcha in the fridge that I bought awhile back. At that time I I told myself that I would use it up pretty quickly since I wanted to eat more healthy and this was maybe a way to do. Well……..I only used it that one time. But I found this recipe and decided to make it. And I’ve found some others so I might be making more matcha related dishes in the future. 

The downside of this was that I didn’t feel like it turned out exactly as it should have. I used my immersion blender to (attempt to) froth the milk. It didn’t froth. I suppose I could have kept at it longer but I didn’t. The other problem if you will was that in pouring the matcha part into the glass, it pretty much filled the whole glass. There wasn’t room for the milk. Maybe I should have put less ice in it. It resulted in my splitting it between two glasses, drinking some, and pouring it into one glass again.  Not ideal and it messed up any “photo op” of the finished product. Which was okay since I don’t think it was going to look as fancy as the one in the recipe no matter what I did. 

But, it didn’t taste half bad and it’s healthy, right?  That makes up for it doesn’t it? I may make this again but I may also focus on finding some other uses of my matcha powder. 

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