Strawberry Cake

I often get asked if I bake and my standard response is that no, I don’t really bake, I cook. Which I suppose isn’t all that true. I have plenty of recipes on this blog that are the result of baking. I can’t say why I respond that way other than I think I like the idea of “cooking” better than “baking”. But it’s all the same anyway, right?  

I digress. But it came to mind with this recipe. For my wife’s birthday, she wanted a strawberry cake. And while I could have asked her mom to do it, or simply bought a box of cake mix, I went searching for a recipe. Eventually I settled on this one. Partly because I knew I already had everything and partly because it sounded good. 

I fell that this turned out very well. It had a great strawberry flavor. The only change I made, if you want to call it that, was that I didn’t sift the cake flour. Rather, I weighed it out using a guide from King Arthur Flour on how much a cup of cake flour weighs. My preferred method is to weigh ingredients when possible. There were a few comments in the recipe itself about the cake being dense and the popular reaction was to remind people that they needed to sift their cake flour. I’d argue that weighing it can help. I felt like the cake came out just fine. Although it did wind up in the fridge which made it hard to tell as being cold makes it a little more dense. But I was happy with it. 

For the frosting I used regular butter cream, doubling the recipe. I doubled it to make sure I had enough. I am not an good cake decorator and I seemed to remember in the past running out or having just enough. And then with doubling it, I had more than enough. In looking at the picture, I should have put more between the layers. But it worked out in the end. Who doesn’t like frosting?

I would recommend this. I’m not sure I’ll make it again but you can be sure that if someone does ask for a strawberry cake, this is the recipe I’m going to pull out. 

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