Strawberry Cucumber Salad with Lemon Cream

This is another one of one of those recipes that sounds kind of weird but works really well. I certainly wouldn’t think of strawberries and cucumbers. You can read the recipe here

I made an adjustment using one cucumber we had gotten out of our garden rather than the type called for in the recipe. I also used heavy whipping cream with some lemon juice in place of the crème fraîche. That worked well but I could have done without it. I think the dish would have been good minus the cream. Then again, maybe it is fine using what it calls for. 

Regardless, it was still a good dish. The cardamom adds a nice flavor. The pistachio give the dish a different crunch and worked okay with it. Again, I think it would have worked fine without the cream and the nuts would have still added a nice crunch. I will say that it doesn’t keep very well as leftovers as the strawberries and cucumbers both start to wilt/get soft. 

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