Pane Bianco

For all the recipes I’ve made and emails I’ve gotten from King Arthur Flour, I never knew that they did a monthly “bake along” challenge. Where they share a recipe and encourage you to make it and post it. At least untill I got this latest email that had this recipe in it as that challenge. Maybe I’ve gotten the emails before but never paid attention to it. Either way, it looked like an interesting bread to make so I went into “the pile” of recipes to make. 

Luckily it didn’t have to sit for long as I was looking for some other things to make this last weekend for my wife’s birthday. This worked well as an “appetizer”, once it was cut into slices. 

The only change I made to the recipe was that I used my own roasted tomatoes and decided on four decent sized garlic cloves. 

This turned out well although I wasn’t happy with the first rise and it made me concerned for how it was going to turn out overall. I let it go much longer than the suggested time before deciding that it maybe had doubled in size. I might need to get one of those fancy buckets that tells you exactly when it has doubled. Anyway, the second rise was much better. It still took longer than the stated, suggested time but I could at least see that it was rising. 

The only downside I see with this is that in the end, most of the filling wound up on the top. Maybe it was because you slice the roll and it lets everything “come up” to the top but I was hoping it would be more evenly spread out through the bread. And my top got a little more brown than the other pictures I’ve seen of it but the inside was still good. And it tasted good, which is all that matters, right?

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