Pasta Frittata with Sausage and Peppers

Usually when we have company over for the weekend, I’ve got a pretty good layout for the food. But this last time, I was a bit at a loss, partly because the schedules were different than normal. Regardless, I was left wondering what to do for lunch on Sunday. Somewhere along the way I had found this recipe and saved it. I decided to make it for no other reason than it seemed like a good idea. 

I couldn’t really figure out of this was a lunch/dinner type dish or a breakfast dish. The pasta made it feel like it wasn’t necessarily for breakfast, which is part of the reason I made it for lunch. But the eggs and the general fact that it was a frittata made it seem like a breakfast item. Anyway. 

I made one change to the recipe itself and that was to skip the hot peppers in favor of about the same amount of diced red pepper. I had thought about using a full pound of sausage but in the end only used a half pound like it called for. 

Now, on to the cooking method. I realize that this is from Cooks Illustrated which means they have tested and tested it but I had a lot of problem with the cooking method. Well, at least one big problem. And that was the fact that the bottom eventually burned. Stating out it was impossible to slide something underneath without disturbing all the pasta so I couldn’t really keep it off the bottom. And even then, once the egg mixture was in there, there was no choice but to let it sit. And, since it was sticking to the bottom, there was no sliding it out and flipping it to cook the other side. 

I “fixed” that by sticking it under the broiler to cook the top but it was a frustrating endeavor. You can see in the picture that the bottom was indeed burnt. Now, maybe some of that is operator error. Maybe I used the incorrect pan (a 9″ cast iron skillet) but I still say it would be hard to keep it from burning once the eggs are in there. Unless you can really regulate the heat. Maybe a way to fix this overall is by baking it. That way the heat is more evenly distributed and might result in a more even cooking. Maybe I’ll try that sometime. 

Aside from all that, it wasn’t a bad dish. The pasta in it was a little different but is still tasted good. 

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