Grilled Spare Ribs with Cherry Cola Glaze

Somewhere along the way I have picked up quite a few rib recipes. That’s great but it is a little tough to make them as its not exactly a weeknight meal. But eventually I find the time on the weekends to make some of them. This last weekend some family we in town so it worked it make the full recipe (two racks) and still have a little bit leftover. You can read this recipe here

Generally speaking, I was happy with how this turned out. I was disappointed that the glaze never really go to be thick which made putting it on troublesome. I felt like the soda reduced pretty well but after adding the rest it reduced but not enough. And that was after letting it go longer than the stated 35 minutes. But it still had good flavor. 

The only change I made was that I cooked these on the grill (indirect, charcoal heat) for about two hours before finishing hem with the glaze on the gas grill. It worked great although the underside of the ribs got a little crispy on the first go around. A little too close to the heat I guess. I managed to keep the grill at an average of about 300 to 325 degrees for those two hours. I used a mix of charcoal and some wood from a pear tree. I didn’t soak the wood so I wasn’t really smoking the ribs, just adding it as a heat source. 

In the end, it was still a good recipe and good ribs. I might suggest letting the glaze get thicker (make it ahead of time if needed) so it sticks a little better. 

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