Slow Cooker Bavarian Style Round Steak

This is now the third (but not last) round steak recipe I have made in the last couple of weeks. Actually, it’s the third one and will be the last one, for awhile. I still have plenty of round steak in the freezer so I’ll have to come up with something else to use it with. I made this for last Friday when we had company come into town because it was pretty simple (low effort) and, well, I had the recipe already saved. You can read this one here

One the one hand, it was good. One the other hand, for me, it was a lot of the same thing. Obviously different flavors but it was shredded round steak. Everyone else liked so I don’t want my feelings of “ugh, more round steak” to change the tone of this. 

I will say that the meat, at first, was a little dry. It was sitting on top of the onions, etc. and simply dried out a bit. After breaking it up and stirring it into the juices with the onions, it got a little better. But you could tell that it wasn’t as tender/juicy as the other dishes. 

But, overall, it wasn’t a bad dish. It served the purpose which was making a dinner that was easy, low effort, and got rid of more of the round steak. 

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