Carrot Cake

This is another recipe I have had sitting around for quite awhile, waiting for the “right” time to make. Which really means I never really felt like making it. But,me had a good day at work this past week and I decided that since we had pretty much everything, I would make it. I did have to run to the store to get cream cheese but I felt like that was pretty minor. You can read the recipe here

Now, the picture really doesn’t do it justice. It was a great cake and I’m not the biggest fan of carrot cake. It looks really dark in the picture but I didn’t feel like it was that dark. 

I didn’t change anything about this cake although I made sure that I added raisins. It doesn’t specifically call for raisins, just nuts, but it makes a note that you can add other things like raisins. Just don’t go over one and a half cups total of add ins. So I poured the nuts into a measuring cup (almost full) added some golden raisins to make one cup and then added another half cup of the raisins. 

I had intended to make this in round cake pans and was going to frost it like the picture in the recipe (no frosting on the sides) but someone had borrowed our round cake pans which left me the 9×13 to use. I did bake it for the 40 minutes and then checked it. Unfortunately the middle still wasn’t quite done. I put it in for another five minutes which finished the middle but then part of the middle fell. Not sure if it was because I poked a toothpick in it or jiggled it around sliding it in and out of the oven. It still turned out okay, one side was just smaller than the other. 

For the frosting, I used about the entire amount of powdered sugar it called for. I say about as I wasn’t being super careful with measuring but had around three cups. 

I would highly recommend this recipe. Everyone that had some loved it. 

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