Pasta with Swordfish and Cherry Tomato Sauce 

This is a little bit different dish than my usual fare which is good. It’s always nice to branch out. Plus this is another fish recipe which I mentioned with the last one that we don’t eat a lot of fish (probably not enough). But, again, a bunch of random recipes is the result of getting daily emails with links to lots and lots of recipes. You can read this one here

I made a couple of tweaks to it.  Nothing too over the top. I had a bit more fish than it called for. While I had wanted to go to a specialty store in town to get the fish, I ended up getting it at the regular grocery store. Which meant it was a package of frozen swordfish. And it was 10 ounces per package which meant I needed two to get me at least to the amount it called for. I cooked the fish as suggested although it took longer than it said it might and I ended up cutting/shredding it to make sure it was cooked through. 

For the sauce, I had bought the cherry tomatoes awhile ago and needed to take a few out that weren’t so good anymore. It wasn’t a lot but in the end I decided to add all the tomatoes at the beginning and let them all cook down. I did it mostly as I’m not a big tomato guy and I felt like not have chunks of tomato in the sauce.  

It calls for a specific type of pasta but then just says “or other short pasta”. I always planned to go with what was on hand, which turned out to be bow tie pasta. It worked pretty well. Oh and I did save a cup of pasta water and did use all of it. I started with a half cup and then decided that I would dump the rest in. At first I regretted it as it seemed like way too much but It didn’t take long for it to all incorporate. It was needed as it helped smooth out the sauce. 

I would recommend this. It’s a little different dish but pretty decent. 

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