Red Wine Braised Round Steak

Sundays seem to be my opportunity to make a recipe that requires many hours worth of effort. Even if some of the time is “down time” while it sits in the oven. This was no exception. It took about 3 to 3 1/2 hours total. You can read the recipe here

Now, I did make one pretty significant change. A change that I didn’t necessarily intend to when I started but did out of necessity. And that was changing what the meat was. As I dug through the freezer looking for short ribs, I only found one package and it was half as much as it called for. And in digging through the freezer I found a whole lot more round steak than I thought I had. Which led me to decide to use round steak. 

Overall,mint wasn’t a big deal to use the round steak. Yes, it would have been nice to use short ribs and saying I’m making “red wine braised short ribs” sounds more fancy but it worked out just fine. After all, the intent of this recipe is the braising and you could use just about any meat that needs some slow cooking (roasts, etc.)

The other change I made was after draining and straining the liquid (I had about 3 cups) I put it back in the Dutch oven on the stove, shredded the steak, and put it in the liquid and let it simmer for a bit. Part of this was to keep it warm and part was to let it continue to cook/simmer in the liquid and maybe let the liquid further reduce. The way you are supposed to “finish” the dish is by putting the meat over mashed potatoes and spooning the liquid over the top. Well, why not combine everything?  After all, it’s pretty much the same thing. Plus, I needed to shred the round steak. If it had been short ribs, I can’t say that I would have shredded it. 

The last thing I’ll say is that I still couldn’t find fresh oregano at the store which led me to have to use dried. I used two heaping tablespoons. I did decide to wrap all the herbs in a cheesecloth and tie it. I did this primarily because of the dried oregano. Plus it made it a nice little package that was easy to work with. In thinking about it more now, I don’t know that I needed to do that. Since I was straining the liquid, having the dried oregano floating around wouldn’t of made a difference. But it was also nice to just have everything in a package and easy to take out. 

Oh, and I have two pictures. The first is the Dutch oven after it came out of the oven. Nothing too fancy there and, actually, it doesn’t look the greatest which is why I included a second picture, the “final product”. 

This was a good meal. It would have been great as a comfort meal in the middle of winter but it worked pretty well in July. 

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