Peach Tarragon Shortcake

The other day we got a bunch of peaches (a dozen or so) on a whim and at the same time I found some more recipes related to peaches. Coincidence? Probably. But a nice turn of events. Sadly, the peaches started going bad quickly which resulted in us cutting them up and freezing them for future use. Which meant I had to go out and buy a couple of peaches to make the other recipes I was committed to making. Like this one here

In one sense, there isn’t anything special to this. It’s kind of like strawberry shortcake but with peaches. On the other hand, it’s pretty different, at least when you consider the tarragon that is present. The tarragon gave it a bit of a different flavor. Good, but a little different. And I may have had a little extra flavor in the peaches, based on a change I made. 

So of course, going and buying peaches for this recipe meant that I wasn’t getting nice ripe peaches but rather nice peaches that needed time to ripen. But, I was in a made of making this now, which was evident by making the cake in the morning and going to the store later to buy said peaches. Anyway, I cut up these unripened peaches, mixed them with the sugar and tarragon and let them sit. After about a half an hour, the juices were being pulled from the peaches but it wasn’t helping them get any softer. So I decided that I would cook them. Nothing wrong with that. 

I dumped everything into a pot and let it cook on medium heat. I didn’t pay attention to the time, just kept stirring until I decided that they were soft enough. Some were still a little hard but not like they were to begin with. I let them sit to cool back in the bowl and eventually put them in the fridge to keep before we ate them. 

And that’s how we ended up with a stronger tarragon flavor with the peaches. Overall, I’d say this was a pretty good dessert. A little bit of a unique flavor but a good recipe. 

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