Cucumber and Peach Salad

So weird it works. That is how the recipe described this dish. And I have to agree. This is not a pairing I would normally think about. But, it was pretty darn good. Surprisingly good in a way. You can read the recipe here

I suppose I have to say that I made a change to this recipe, although the recipe itself is one where it gives the overall concept of the dish, recommended quantities, but then says that you can adjust as needed. In fact, it’s less of a recipe and more of a blog article that is entitled “Cooking without recipes”. 

So, it gives the recommendation of three cucumbers. And ones that are low in seeds. However,  I chose to use two regular cucumbers that came out of someone’s garden. I did use two peaches. I did use lime juice but I measured a tablespoon from the bottle I have in the fridge. I used a little salt and a little of a ground pepper for a tiny bit of heat. I skipped the tarragon. The fresh I had was not so fresh anymore and I opted to not throw any dried in. 

Overall, this was a good salad. The flavors are unique yet the same (peaches and cucumbers). Definitely try eating a peach and cucumber at the same time. That just builds the flavor. 

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