Spiced Salmon Kabobs 

We do not eat as much fish as we probably should (given the health benefits). I like fish but often our option seems to be plain whitefish fillets and that gets boring (no matter what you put on them). So when I came across this recipe for salmon, it was interesting enough to decide to make. You can read the recipe here

I made on change to the recipe and that was substituting some lightly dried basil for the oregano. Since I had not found fresh oregano and was out of dried oregano I had to substitute. In doing a little research I found that you could substitute almost anything you wanted to but settled on the basil as I had some in the fridge that I felt needed to be used up. I used about one tablespoon. 

I had a little trouble peeling the salmon which meant that half came off nicely and half didn’t. In the picture, the kabob on the right has the nice square pieces and the one on the left has, well, not so nice pieces. Other than that, I had no issues although I will say that it took longer to grill than it stated in the recipe. Maybe it was the grill temp or maybe it was that everything was shmushed together on the skewers bit the middles weren’t done when I first took them off and I had to go back for a little bit more. 

Speaking of the skewered, using two worked really well and something I will likely try with regular kabobs. 

Everyone liked this, including the girls who first complained and then ate the salmon mixed with their mashed potatoes. When they finally just tried a piece of the salmon, they found that they liked it. Go figure. I would definitely recommend these. 

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