Pappardelle with Pork Sugo and Hazelnuts

This is another recipe that has been on the list for awhile, waiting for the right time to make it. And by right time, I mean an opportunity where I had the proper amount of time to make this. All in all, this took about four hours to make. From starting to get it ready, to when I declared it done and dinner ready. Some of that was down time, at least half actually but still. You can’t leave the house to go do something else. It’s not quite a crockpot. You can read the recipe here

Overall, this turned out to be pretty good. I don’t know if I can say it was worth it based on the time, but that’s mostly because the time it took is a little of a misnomer. As I already mentioned, while it takes a bit of time, a lot of that time you are inactive. But it was good. 

I made two (maybe) big changes on purpose and one (maybe) smaller change on accident. The first was that I skipped the oregano – completely. The store I first went to was out of the fresh and was still out of it when I went back the next day. And I was too lazy to go to another store, just for that. So I only put in the fresh thyme during the braise. When it came time to put some more spices in at the end, I learned that I was out of dried oregano. Which meant that I could use it at all. And then I forgot to add the additional thyme at the end. Which was the small change. 

The other big change was that I just used Parmesan cheese, not what they called for. And, I used 4.6 ounces of it as that is what was left in my block and I didn’t feel like saving half an ounce. Oh, and I used 2 1/2 pounds of pork. I looked for the package that was the closest to two pound but couldn’t find much under 2 1/2. 

I had thought that I might use the whole amount of pork Sugo to mix with the noodles but in the end I did only use half, choosing to freeze the other half. I’ll pull it out sometime to use with other noodles. Probably not pappardelle. Nothing wrong with those noodles but we always have different kinds of pasta on hand at home and it’s simple to use one of those. 

Overall, I would recommend this. 

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