Blueberry Buckle 

I decided to make this recipe for two main reasons. First, was that it was an Alton Brown recipe and, well, usually his stuff is really good. Second, it was blueberry. Blueberries aren’t my favorite but they do rank up there. At least when they are in something. I’m not just eating handfuls of blueberries although maybe I should be. Anyway, you can read the recipe here

This turned out very well. The batter was a lot thicker than I had thought it would be which took some work to smooth it out. However, I think the thickness of the batter helped hold the blueberries so they didn’t all sink to the bottom (as you can see in the picture). That was great as it is always disappointing to have a layer of fruit on the bottom when you want it all mixed in. 

He doesn’t talk a whole lot about what a buckle is (a type of coffee cake) or why it is better than something else. But I trust him enough to know that I wanted to give it a try. It was good warm (not too long out of the oven) and cold (eating some the next morning). 

The only thing I didn’t do for the recipe was wait 30 minutes to eat it. I made this on Sunday morning and by the time it was done we didn’t have a lot of time to let it sit before having to go the church. So we sliced it and ate it. It came out nice and clean, as you can see from the picture. I also baked it for about 5 minutes longer than what it called for (ovens may vary). 

I highly recommend this. 

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