Steak Tacos with Cilantro Radish Salsa 

Who doesn’t like a good taco?  Versatile, tasty, tacos are a great dish. At least a few times a month we have tacos, although ours are normally the “usual” ground beef, cheese and lettuce type. But occasionally, when I find a recipe, we branch out. Such as this one. Read it here

This turned out great despite the hiccup I had in making it and the tweaks I made to the recipe. Although the tweaks to the recipe caused no issues. The hiccup was in cooking the steak. I don’t know if it is my bad luck or if you should only do it if you have great ventilation in the kitchen, but cooking the steak in a pan on the stove was a bad move. And I knew it. I knew I should have just fired up the gas grill and cooked the steak but I decided I would follow the directions. Now, I didn’t burn anything but a few spots on the steak got a little done and it produced a lot of smoke. A lot. So much that I had to open two windows with a fan pointing out to provide a cross breeze despite the fact that the air was on and it was pretty humid out. Maybe if I had better ventilation it wouldn’t of been an issue but unfortunately my kitchen fan over the stove just blows it right back into the room. So, eventually I took it off the stove and finished it on the grill. That was a good decision. 

As for the tweaks, I forgot to get the pepper for the salsa at the store which was interesting as I never even wrote it down but had written down the radishes. And I skipped the cheese it called for, instead going with a “Mexican” blend of shredded cheeses. Which we normally use for tacos. Oh, and I also skipped the corn tortillas for our usual flour tortillas (burrito size). 

In the end it worked really well. These tasted great and the cilantro radish salsa provided a nice crunch and, while a little different flavor, a good compliment to the steak. I would highly recommend this recipe. 

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