Brown Butter Bourbon Banana Bread

I have had this recipe on the “to make” list for quite some time and finally had an opportunity to make it. Or rather made an opportunity to make it. I had originally saved this recipe due to the fact that it had bourbon in it and it seemed like an interesting recipe. In the end, however, you couldn’t taste the bourbon. Which was probably okay. Not everyone likes bourbon and it is probably better to not have it taste like bourbon. Plus it didn’t have a lot of bourbon to begin with. You check out the recipe here

Overall, it turned out really well. There were a few extra steps (browning the butter, etc.) but it still came together pretty easily and baked in 55 minutes. The picture kind of looks like there are parts that are not done but the tester (toothpick) I used in several different place came out clean each time. What I think it is, for the most part, is the chunks of banana that were caramelized. Which I have to say I’m not sure I liked as part of the bread. I wasn’t used to hitting a chunk of banana in banana bread. But it’s not like it was horrible. 

I did make a few tweaks to this. I used two frozen (thawed) bananas along with one “regular” banana. The regular banana was the one I caramelized and the other two were the ones I smashed up. I always use frozen (thawed) bananas for bread. It is super easy to mash them and it helps save the bananas that are going bad that you may not want to eat. I used whole milk with a little lemon juice (sour milk) in place of the buttermilk. Nine times out of ten I am likely to go that route. And I skipped the nuts. I’m just not a fan of nuts in my banana bread. 

Overall, this was a very good recipe. I would recommend it even with all the extra steps. However, this doesn’t replace my go to banana bread recipe. 

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