Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Making cinnamon rolls, or bread, is always a treat for breakfast. Who doesn’t like a warm cinnamon roll in the morning?  Unfortunately, there is a lot of work involved with making cinnamon rolls which makes is darn near impossible to make in the morning for breakfast. Which means you end up making them the day before, eliminating the opportunity to pull a nice warn cinnamon roll out of the oven. This bread was no exception, requiring several rises and several hours to complete. As such, I made it on a Sunday afternoon for breakfast the next morning. You can read the recipe here.

Overall, I am pretty happy with how this turned out. I’m sharing two pictures, before and after baking. My wife suggested the before picture so you could see what it looks like in case it didn’t stay that way after baking. It was a good idea although after baking it did stay largely the same.

Putting it together was fairly simple although a bit time consuming. The technique is cool with splitting the roll down the middle and turning it up before “braiding” the two pieces together. I had been concerned that it would all fall apart once I cut it and started messing with it but it did not.

The only downside to this, in my opinion, was that it turned out a little dense. Not overly a big deal but I had really been hoping for a nice soft roll/bread. Speaking of that, they do call it bread, which I get as it is one large piece. However, you could just as easily cut it into rolls and bake them.

I would definitely recommend this. Given that it easy to put together and that it looks pretty cool you may be able to impress your family and friends with this.

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