Corn Salad with Hazelnuts, Parmesan, and Mint

Having made a corn salad/side dish a week or so ago, when I came across this recipe, I decided that I wanted to make it also. In the end, while this recipe was okay, I think I prefer the first one I made. Read this one here

I did make two changes to this recipe but neither I feel made a big difference in how it turned out. This first was that I used Parmesan cheese instead of pecorino. I had a block of Parmesan already and I opted to use up some of that instead of buying a different block of he pecorino that I would ultimately have leftovers of and need to find a use for. Sometimes I don’t like buy the extra ingredients that will sit while I try to find another use. Speaking of that, the other change was that it called for Aleppo pepper. In reading what the pepper was, I found a link that talked about how you could substitute using sweet paprika (4 parts) and cayenne (1 part). Which made me elect to do that as my spice cabinet already needs an intervention. I didn’t need another bottle of something I may never use. 

For the corn, I did end up using a skillet to char the corn as it was raining when I made this and decided I didn’t want to stand in the rain. It worked fine although I felt like I was burning it rather than cooking it to get a little color on it. 

Overall, this wasn’t bad. I think the Aleppo pepper (substitute) winds up being the dominant flavor and it did give it a bit of a kick. Not unbearable but not quite what I was expecting. 

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