Sweet and Spicy Bacon Kebabs with Scallion-Ginger Relish

I shouldn’t have to tell you why I chose to make this (it’s bacon!!!) but I will say that the fact that you ar also grilling the bacon added an aspect that made me definitely want to try it. You can read the recipe here

So, overall these turned out very well. The upside was that they taste good (everyone liked them) and they were not overly spicy. Which was good since I had tasted the glaze mix before starting and thought that it was way more spicy than I expected. I did double the recipe, using a full pound of bacon. I did double the glaze part but not the relish part. Well, not the green onion and Serrano parts. Mostly because I forgot to buy two chiles and I needed the green onions for another dish (should have bought two bunches). 

The downside of this was that it took a lot longer to make than it states. I had nine skewers and used my gas grill with the middle burner on and the two outside ones off. There was a lot of flipping and moving them around to get them to cook. Which was troubling since it’s already hard to turn skewers, never mind with a piece of bacon on it. I did do some it over direct heat to speed up the process a bit. That worked although you really needed to watch it. I lost one skewer in the process. But that’s okay. 

In brushing the glaze on, I seemed to use up the liquid part of the glaze while leaving the chunks of the sambal oelek. That was fine but I had a bowl of “stuff” at the end that just got tossed. And I didn’t quite use all the relish up which made me glad that I hadn’t used twice as much of the onion and Serrano as I would have just tossed more of it. 

Bottom line, I highly recommend trying these. Just be aware that it may take a bit more time than planned. 

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