Pork Ribs with Guinness Barbecue Sauce

This recipe is all about the barbecue sauce I made to go on the ribs. You can read the recipe here. I did make a few adjustments, some intentionally and some not. 

First off this is a “dark beer” recipe. My choice of a dark beer was Guinness as I had a couple of cans sitting around and needed to use them up. I’m not a huge fan of Guinness so I wasn’t going to drink them. But it worked to put it in this sauce. 

Second I chose to double the recipe as I was planning on doing five racks of ribs and felt that I needed to make sure I had enough. I also made this Wednesday for grilling Saturday which gave the flavors additional time to meld in the fridge. 

This turned out really. The only downside is that I probably could have gotten away with only one batch but it let me have some to save for a future use. 

For the recipe itself, I used two slices of thick cut bacon, minced as small as in could go. Tip – partially freezing the bacon will help making cutting it easier. I did the same with the onion, cutting it small that it. Since I was doubling the recipe I needed two of everything which led to not having quite enough Worcestershire sauce. I had about one and a half times instead of double. That was an unintentional change. Same with the ketchup. I might have added an extra half cup. I was using a half cup to measure it out and when I opened a new bottle of ketchup I forgot where I was with counting. So I went the lower number which may had led to an extra amount. But I’m not sure. 

Another unintentional change was leaving out the Tabasco sauce. I thought I had a bottle but could find it. So none of that went in. The only intentional change was leaving out the liquid smoke. I just didn’t bother to try to find any at the store and chose to leave it out. 

As far as cooking goes, I followed the directions pretty much as is. I did let it simmer for about a half hour once everything was in the pot. Then I let it cool before putting it in the fridge. 

For the ribs themselves, I put five racks in my holder on the charcoal side of my grill and used indirect heat (from the side fire box) for about two hours. I used a mesquite charcoal so i didn’t add any wood chips. It stayed around 250 degrees the entire time and I added charcoal as needed. I flipped the ribs halfway through cooking. To “finish” them I moved to the gas grill (low heat) and continued the cooking for a little bit basting with the BBQ sauce. I made sure to put some on, leave it for a bit and then flip them sauce side down for a bit. I kept doing that until I was satisfied. 

The ribs then went in the oven (off but it had been used so it was a little warm) for another half hour at least before I cut them into individual pieces. 

I was very happy with how all of it turned out. And everyone that had them, thought they were good. 

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