Slow Cooker Swedish Meatballs 

When I first found this recipe I was kind of excited. It’s always nice to find a crockpot meal as it usually takes less effort. It makes making dinner a whole lot easier. Which then made me a little disappointed when I read it more closely and found that it only took a few hours in the crockpot. Kind of hard to start it in the morning if it only takes a few hours and you have to mess with it towards the end. 

Now, maybe they aren’t meant to be dinner (appetizer? snack?) but I was going for dinner. All of this led me to decide that I would make the meatballs the night before we would use them for dinner. That gave me plenty of time to make them and it only took reheating what we needed the next night. Speaking of that, I paired the meatballs with some whole wheat egg noodles for the meal.  In the end it was a little underwhelming but not bad. 

For all the spice that went into the meatballs, and the sauce, I expected a little bit more out of it. Like I had said, it wasn’t bad but kind of plain. Maybe part of it was the fact that I added an extra half pound of pork without increasing any other part. I did that as the package of pork was a pound and a half and I didn’t feel like saving a half pound to use for something else. Maybe I should of. 
That was the only change I made to the recipe. Although I didn’t form little balls with the butter/flour mixture. I just left together and put spoonfuls in. It worked just fine. And, I even probably could have put the whole thing in at once. I did add the sour cream but not the jelly. 

I would recommend this although I think you really need to keep the portions of meat and everything else the same. I know it sounds kind of obvious but I had felt like it wasn’t that big of a deal. It might have been. 

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