Pan Seared Pork Tenderloin with Rhubarb Compote 

I am working on getting back into the swing of things with cooking after a brief hiatus which was followed by a vacation. There continues to be no shortage of recipes to make although lately what I seem to have save are desserts and sides – no main dishes or complete meals. This recipe (read it here) is a recent find when I got an email giving me many different pork tenderloin recipes. I chose this one as it looked good, seemed simple and it only required me to get the tenderloin. 

Overall, I was very happy with how his turned out. The spice rub gave it a nice crust and flavor. I followed the directions pretty much exactly. I didn’t grind the fennel but it worked just fine whole. I did find that after it had been cooked (and sliced) that one end was not quite as done as the rest. To fix that I put those slices back in the pan and cooked them for about another minute on each side. Frustrating, but easily solved. 

For the rhubarb, I made significantly less than the recipe calls for. I knew that using six cups of rhubarb was too much. At least for us in comparison to eating the tenderloin. Instead I chose to use two cups of previously frozen and adjusted the water and sugar accordingly. In the end, it resulted in something closer to applesauce than a compote but it was still a good compliment to the pork. I had planned on using fresh but then the pile of fresh rhubarb from the garden got chopped and frozen. My fault for not speaking up that I needed/wanted some of it. But it worked out in the end. Since it was only two cups and was well on its way to a “sauce” consistency I only let it simmer for about 15 minutes. And, I had misread the recipe where you are supposed to let it cool for 3 hours before eating it which wasn’t going to happen as the pork was cooking at the same time. What I did was stick it in a bowl and put it in the freezer. Can’t say how long it was in there but I did take it out and stir it once or twice. That may not have been necessary but the intent was to have a “cold” compote to go with the pork so I did my best to get it there. 

In the end, as I mentioned before, this turned out well. I would definitely recommend it. 

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