Pineapple Peanut Butter Smoothie

The basis for making this smoothie was the fact that I still had a partial bag of frozen pineapple from the last smoothie I made and I felt like it needed to be used up. And, making another smoothie seemed like a good idea. When I first started searching for pineapple smoothie recipes, I found a lot that also called for banana. Nothing against bananas but I wasn’t going to make a banana smoothie. I don’t like them that much. So I decided to search for pineapple and peanut butter. An odd combination, I know but peanut butter goes in smoothies, right?

In the end I found a few recipes and settled on this one. It was pretty simple and only required me to get some Greek yogurt which wasn’t an issue. Making it was simple although, as I think I may have mentioned before, if I’m going to do this type of thing more of them, I need a new blender. Mine is old (like, I got it from Grandma old) and it only has two speeds. And it doesn’t work the best. I had to coax the pineapple down into the blades as it seemed content to just spin in the peanut butter and yogurt. Maybe he pineapple should have gone in first. But I digress. 

Overall, this turned out well and the taste was good. Peanut butter was the dominant flavor but not so overpowering that it was an issue. The girls (6 and 8) both tried it and didn’t like it (“too much peanut butter”) but at least they tried it. It did make two servings. What you see in the picture is about half of what was made. My wife had the other half which worked out. I had no problem saving it for the next day but I didn’t know how well it would keep. 

I would recommend trying this if you have an inclination for smoothies. I still have this idea of wanting to do more of this for breakfast to eat a little healthier. But we shall see. 

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