Rhubarb Almond Cake

This is another recipe that I had saved for awhile but had to wait for our rhubarb to come up this year. And be ready to harvest. And then remember that I had this to make as I’m cutting all the rhubarb up for something else and to freeze. But finally, it worked out. You can read the recipe here

Overall, this turned out very well. I made one change and that as simply using a 9″ spring form pan to bake it in rather than a tart pan or anything else. That worked very well. Plus the one I use the most is a silicone ring that wraps around a ceramic plate. Not only does it come off of things very easily, the result is that it is sitting on a decent looking plate. This was no exception. 

Now, it did mean that I didn’t have enough space to put eight pieces of rhubarb on top (or at least not without crowding them) so I went with four that were nicely spaced. Speaking of the rhubarb, I weighed out a pound and then trimmed them. I think that is what it called for. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure it out. Is it a pound that you then trim? Or a pound that has been trimmed?  Either way, I did the former and there was plenty of rhubarb in the cake. Oh and he stalks that are on top are there for aesthetic. It was actually hard to cut through them when cutting the cake and about half wound up not being eaten. 

The almond gave it a nice flavor, a little different than you might expect. Grinding up the almonds with the four worked but I bet you could make a cake that uses some almond flour to accomplish the same thing. 

I would definitely recommend this. It went well warm, cold, plain or with ice cream. 

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