Blueberry Pecan Galette

The best part about this recipe was reading that a galette is supposed to look “rustic”. In other words, it is supposed to look messy. Great news for me since I am not always the best at making things look perfect. You can read the recipe here

And in the end, I think it looked prett good, although far from perfect. But that’s okay. 

Overall, this turned out really well in my opinion. The crust was good with the pecans giving that extra, unique flavor. I used a package of pecan chips that was about a half a cup. I didn’t toast them. I had already been trying to figure out how I was going to make this as I didn’t feel I had a lot of time, especially when the crust needed to sit for at least an hour in the fridge. So I cut out toasting the pecans to save time. Still tasted good to me, so we are not complaining about that. I actually made the crust on a Wednesday night and then put it all together Saturday afternoon. 

Once I did put it all together I rolled it out into roughly a 12″ circle. I really didn’t try to measure it. I did roll it out on parchment paper and then moved all of that to the rimmed pan. It seemed easier than trying to move the crust to the paper. I also used enough paper to cover the entire pan so that if there were juices escaping (there were), the paper would catch all of it and the pan clean up would be simple. 

For the blueberries, I measured them by weight which turned out to be just over a pint. There were no issues with putting the blueberries together, although I will say that adding the lemon juice to the sugar made it clump up and I ended up scraping the sugar out of the bowl on to the mound of blueberries. While it turned out fine, I probably could have spread the blueberries out a bit more as there seemed to be a lot of crust folded over once it was done. But it turned out fine. 

I baked it for 45 minutes and decided that it was good enough. I let it cool on the pan for quite awhile before cutting into it. I was pleasantly surprised that although there had been some juices run out, the filling held together really well when cutting into it. 

I would definitely recommend making this. The crust was hardest part and really, it wasn’t that hard. 

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