Grill Roasted Beef Short Ribs with Blackberry Glaze

My apologies for the lack of posts recently. Love getting seems to have gotten really busy in the last month plus I have done a poor job of meal planning. But, I still cook and will still post about it. This recipe is one I did for a cookout we had over Memorial Day weekend when I wanted to do a little extra than just burgers, brats and hot dogs. It is a two part recipe as the main recipe is for the ribs and then you pick what type of sauce you wanted. I went with the blackberry as it sounded a little different. Here is the rib recipe and the sauce recipe.

The sauce turned out well. I didn’t measure my final result but I only put it on the ribs three times before it was all gone. For the ribs themselves, they turned out well with the exception that they got a little crispy. I opted to use the charcoal side of my grill (instead of the gas) and to use the side fire box. Doing that I felt that I would be able to better control the heat. In theory, yes, that is true. However, I likely over estimated the amount of charcoal AND neglected to really check the ribs before 30 minutes was up. Which led me to find the grill at 400 degrees and the ribs a little, um, “done”.

In the end, I left them for about 1 1/2 hours (I had planned for two) and moved them a little farther away from the heat. Despite the crispyness of the ribs they still were good and everyone that had them said so. Putting them in the oven first (two hours) worked really well to get them going and let some of the fat render off before putting them on the grill.

The only downside to all of this was that the ribs were cut backwards. I don’t know why but you can see from the picture that instead of each bone being a piece (or having the ability to cut each bone into a piece) they cut a cross section. Given that we get beef in bulk, I had no idea until they were thawed and I opened the package.  It still worked, but I had been hoping for nice big rib pieces.

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