Farrotto with Prosciutto, Asparagus, and Peas

This was another one of those recipes where I can’t say exactly why I decided to make it. Most likely, it was simply the uniqueness of it – it was different and something I haven’t attempted before. However, the farrotto, and the cooking method, reminded me a lot of a risotto. So maybe it is similar to something I’ve made before (a risotto). Regardless, it was a little bit of a step outside of the norm. You can read the recipe here.

Overall, this was good. The finished texture was nice and creamy like a risotto. The asparagus and peas went well with it. The only downside was the time. It took quite awhile to make and, while I feel like I did a good job multi-tasking and prepping, it took longer than I had anticipated. Better planning on my part (starting it sooner) would have helped.

I made two changes. One was using prosciutto in place of the pancetta and dried tarragon in place of fresh. I also trimmed the asparagus and then weighed out the four ounces so I may have used a bit more than called for. But it worked. I could have used more and, since I had bought a whole pound, I almost did use all of it but I didn’t want to over power the dish with asparagus.

It went over well as everyone ate it and didn’t make comments or had any questions about what they were eating. I did use this as the main dish the night I made it rather than as a side. It worked pretty well but there was just enough for the four of us with only a little left over. Which was actually pretty good. I’ve mentioned before how I seem to make these large meals and then struggle to eat the leftovers. This worked out fairly well.

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