Lemon Posset with Berries

For almost as long as my wife and I have been together, we have hosted a Mother’s Day dinner for both our families. The type of dinner has changed over the years from simple to elaborate to potluck and back. Regardless of how involved I am in the cooking (doing it all or just a portion) I try to make at least one thing that is unique or special. This year I wound up doing all the cooking as we didn’t have as many people come as normal (read – less people to contribute) but I still tried to make it low key (and low stress for me). 

While my last post was also about the Mother’s Day dinner, this dessert was the feature item. Although I never referred to it as such, it was something I took a little extra care on making sure the presentation was there. This dessert turned out very well and was a big hit. Basically, it is a custard although I like the name “posset” better. You can read the recipe here

I did not make any changes to the recipe, unless you count using a mixture of fresh lemon juice and bottled. I had doubled the recipe as I had 10 people total for the dinner and wanted to make sure the potions were adequate. In doing that I used the zest from two lemons which was about the right amount of zest and made up the difference in juice with bottled. 

This turned out very although it took a lot longer to reduce that the recipe stated. Part of that may have been due to the recipe being doubled. The recipe suggests checking the quantity by pouring it into a measuring cup which I did, several times. Eventually I decided that the amount that was left, over the amount it should be at, was good enough. 

I opted for the fancy glassware you see in the picture and portioned the custard as evenly as possible.  While the presentation was fantastic, I kind of wish I hadn’t used that glassware as it was hard to get the stuff in the very bottom out. Plus you really needed a long spoon and, while we randomly found a few, we didn’t have enough. 

BUT, overall it was an excellent dessert, one that got rave reviews. It is on a list to maybe make again and I would definitely recommend it. 

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