Cheesy Potato Gratin Stacks

My excitement (interest) in making these was a bit of an up and down experience. I made these as a side for the Mother’s Day dinner we always do. That was the first bit of excitement, having something a little different to make for the dinner. The other excitement, so to speak, was simply the uniqueness of the dish. And it looked cool. You can read the recipe here

But in assembling them, the excitement waned a bit. Mainly due to the fact that my potatoes were not all nice and uniform in size which meant that they were not going to come out nice and neat and pretty. And then there was judging the amount of potatoes needed. I doubled the recipe so I weighed out the right amount of potatoes. In the end, I used all but three as I decided I was pretty happy with what I had. Plus, I feel like the two muffin pans I used were fairly shallow. 

Once they started baking they smelled great but we’re not looking the best. I was having a hard time imagining that any of them were going to come out nice and neat. But I let them finish and crossed my fingers. My only change in the assembly was that I used about a teaspoon of the sauce in the middle instead of a half. That did mean that I didn’t have as much for the top but I made it stretch. Barely. But that was okay. It still worked. Oh, and I did use the entire amount of cheese but didn’t use half in the middle. But again, not a big deal. 

Once they came out and cooled slightly in the pan, I was able to get them out and, for the most part, they held together in the round, cylinder shapes. Some were a little more done than others but that’s what you get when you are not super careful with the measurements. 

In the end, everyone loved them. And I mean loved them. So the excitement went back up that it all worked out. Plus, as I always say, taste trumps presentation all the time. I would definitely recommend making these. 

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