Rice and Pasta Pilaf

Originally saved as a side dish recipe, I decided to make this more of a meal by adding some chicken and making it more of a rice bowl. That worked, however, overall, this didn’t turn out well. You can read the recipe here

Actually, it’s unfair to say it didn’t turn out. It tasted fantastic, just like other pilafs I’ve had. Very positive there. Unfortunately, the rice was still crunchy. I didn’t skimp on any of the directions which means that it either needs more time from the onset or something I did (unintentionally) prevented it from cooking all the way. 

I will say that since I’ve used basmati rice a lot recently (that’s what I get for buying a huge bag) that it does take a long time for it to cook. I did think that the overall time to cook was short but had hoped that the soaking and rinsing would help. I’m sure it did but it still needed a little more time to cook. 

I would recommend this, but say that you need to test it and keep it cooking if it’s crunchy. 

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