Old Fashioned Apple Cake with Brown Sugar Frosting

Lately I’ve been having a love/hate relationship with desserts. I like dessert. I have a lot of dessert related recipes. But, I’m trying to eat little healthier which means I’m not eating dessert. Which made making this a little interesting. Read the recipe here

It turned out great and tasted great. Especially the frosting. The problem was that we ate it once. Just once. Which meant, a week or so later, we had to pitch the rest of it. Depressing. And pretty wasteful. 

I only made one change to the recipe and that was to use five cups of apples as that is what we had. We have bags and bags (and bags) of frozen apples from my in-laws apple trees all in five cup measurements. Why five cups? Well, five cups is usually what you need for a pie or crisp, etc.  

The other thing I’ll mention on this is that it could have used a bit more frosting. I felt like there just wasn’t quite enough to adequately cover the entire cake. Granted given the idea of eating less dessert should make the frosting less important but if you are going for presentation, you might need a little more so the top looks good. 

I would recommend this. It was good, it just got made at a “bad time” and we didn’t eat it. 

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