Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Italian Sausage and Fennel 

I’ve been a little lax lately posting about what I’ve been cooking. My apologies. This dish turned out really well but I felt that the ratios of pasta to the rest of it (especially the meat) were off. Read the recipe here

In first reading it the ratios seemed to be okay or at least, it was hard to imagine everything together in the right quantities. Although a full pound of spaghetti is a lot. Our family usually does a half pound when making traditional spaghetti and we usually have some leftover. Anyway, for the sausage I used Johnsonville Italian Sausage links (brats) that I cut the casing off of to cook. Two of the links made the proper weight. In looking at it in the pan, it was not a lot of meat. I almost added more but I decided to keep with what the recipe stated. 

After getting everything else put together and cooked, I felt better about how much “sauce” there was to compliment the pasta. However, once I put it all together I wasn’t all that happy anymore. I should point out that I’m a “sauce guy” so I’m looking for a lot of sauce to go with the pasta. This recipe just isn’t that style but it is still a really good recipe.

The only change I made was using about two tablespoons of dried basil over the fresh. And I skipped the red pepper flakes. 

There is lots of great flavor with the garlic and fennel and the pine nuts give it a nice extra crunch. I would definitely recommend this recipe. 

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