Cranberry Orange Brioche French Toast 

I feel a little bit like I cheated with making this. The bread comes from a mix (a box) that had the dry ingredients, including the yeast. Yes, I had to add eggs, butter and water and actually make it, but it felt a little like cheating since I didn’t have to put the dry ingredients together. In the end, the bread turned out to be okay. The bread had come with a fancy brioche pan (a round one) and I intended to use that instead of the 9×5 loaf pan the box suggested. Maybe I shouldn’t have. The bread rose for about two hours each time and seemed to be pretty good in the round pan. I baked it for 35 minutes (low end of the suggested time). It appeared to be okay. 

The next morning when I cut it apart to make the French toast, I found it wasn’t okay. There was a hole, believe it or not, in the top round part and part of the bread hadn’t baked all the way. Kind of interesting but the result was that I tossed about half the bread. The rest was okay to use for the French toast. 

For the French toast part, I used this recipe for the mix. In looking for a basic recipe, I had noticed that there seemed to be a ratio of one egg to a quarter cup of milk (depending on how much you wanted to make). This recipe threw that out the window with four eggs to only a quarter cup of milk. But it turned out well. 

Overall, this was a pretty decent breakfast despite the few setbacks. Something a little different in the morning. 

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