Shepherds Pie

Having eaten shepherds pie numerous times but never making it, when this recipe came through in an email I decided to try it. Plus, the email came from America’s Test Kitchen so I knew that it would be a good recipe. A benefit of that organization is that they test (and retest and retest) recipes and make tweaks to make them quicker, simpler, etc. without comprising the flavor. This was no exception. 

I did make this on a week day as the recipe talked about how the changes they made would make it easier to do that. It wasn’t hard but I think it still took me longer than they suggested. And that was doing my very best to multi task. I think it could be done in the time they suggest but you have to be on your game for prep and multitasking. 

The only change I made was I used a full two pounds of hamburger. And that was because we have one pound packages and I wasn’t sure what I would do with a half pound of meat. Oh, and there was no thyme. Which goes back to my last post where I learned that I was out of dried thyme at home after finding that the store what out of fresh thyme. 

I almost made “fake” potatoes as it would have been easier (quicker) but I ended up sticking with the real thing. It wouldn’t have been the same with fake. Plus, I was interested in seeing how they would taste. I’ve never put egg into my mashed potatoes before. They were definitely good. 

For the meat, I liked the process of putting the ground beef in there in large chunks and letting it cook, breaking it up partway through. It did lead to large chunks of beef in the final dish which was a nice departure from the “normal” way with the hamburger being in very small pieces if you cooked it to start with. 

Overall, this was very good and I would definitely recommend it. 

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