Giant Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

E other night we went to a friends house for dinner and out contribution was dessert. I had been all set to make an apple dessert and then the email came through that had this as a recipe. I quickly switched my thinking to this recipe. Luckily we had enough time where I could go to the store to get some extra things. I made a point of making sure that I had everything it specifically called for. You can read the recipe here

This turned out very well although it was maybe a hair overdone. Which was interesting as I had set the timer for 22 minutes which was about the middle of the recommended time. At about three minutes left I checked it and decided it might need more time which caused me to add three minutes pushing the total time to the high end of the range. And then I almost immediately changed my mind again and bumped it back down to the original time. And if I had to do it over, I would probably go with 20 minutes which is the low end of the range. It was soft but not super soft. It probably doesn’t help that we ate it cold. If it was still warm from the oven or we had reheated it a bit, it might have been a little softer. 

As I mentioned, I made sure that I had all the “right” ingredients which really meant that I bought some dark brown sugar and I figured out what the chocolate wafer was it called for. Having done all that, I think you could make adjustments. That dark brown sugar did darken the cookie (who would have thought) but a light brown would work. The chocolate wafer was different. I doesn’t mean a cookie. I found some dark chocolate wafers which for melting/dipping and used those. I’m pretty sure that’s what it meant. It worked really well but I think some regular chocolate chips would work well also. 

I will make this again. It was pretty easy to put together, not crazy ingredients or long steps. It is something that could be put together “on a whim” for a quick and somewhat unique dessert. I definitely recommend this. 

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