Garlicky Spaghetti with Lemon and Pine Nuts 

This recipe was interesting from two perspectives – first was the dish itself. It sounded like a good recipe, something a little lighter. Second was that it talked about how this is something that can be made with thugs alr day in the pantry. I need more recipes like that, or at least more confidence in being able to create dinner with what I have on hand. You can read the recipe here

Now, I do disagree a little bit with the perspective of this being all from the pantry as I don’t keep everything it called for on hand. Specifically I don’t keep fresh lemons or basil around. But as I have started cooking more and more I do tend to keep more on hand than I used to. Such as pine nuts and fresh Parmesan. Normally I would have put the things I didn’t have on the grocery list and waited to make this but it was a bit of a whim to make it for dinner and I had enough on had that I could make a few adjustments and be fine. 

Without the fresh lemon I didn’t have any zest which led me to add an extra half tablespoon of juice (out of a bottle). I also used one and a half rounded tablespoons of dried basil in place of the fresh. That worked okay but the cheese got a little clumped (I should have sprinkled it on the pasta) and the basil seemed to want to stick to the clumped cheese and the bottom of the pan. But it worked out okay. 

Overall this was a good recipe. It was lighter like I had felt it was which was nice. The recipe states that this “for two” but I made it for the four of us. It was enough for the four of us although what was on my plate may not have been as much as I normally would have served myself if there had been more. But again, that’s okay. I need to cut back a bit. Everyone liked it except the girls didn’t like the pine nuts. They ate some of them but then managed to finish the noodles without finishing the last of the nuts. But that’s okay. I would recommend making this. 

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